About us

Who we are
We are a passionate team with an affinity for landscaping design and implementation thereof. We aim to create beautiful gardens that enhance the architecture of the buildings they surround and add a new dimension to your home or business. We’re able to create man-made ecosystems that blend art and science for a landscape of lasting beauty and value

Where we work
Our offices are based in Cape Town. Our geographical work zone stretches far and wide across the Cape Peninsula, working from the West to East Coast as well as inland. Our main criterion is to be cost effective for the client and practical with regard to logistics & implementation.

Design Philosophy
We see gardens as an extension of your home… Your living space … and thus you!
Each garden is designed to suit you, the client, and what you want. It is the purpose of our designers to work with you and design a garden that is both practical as well as perfectly suited to your style, budget and personality. Upon meeting, the designer will discuss possibilities with you and then work his/ her magic according to what you have asked for and what will work.

Staff and suppliers
We have built up a very special relationship with each and every one of our suppliers in the industry. These relationships enable us to provide you with the best quality products at competitive prices, with reliable service and guarantees. All our plants and materials are personally selected by our designers so that the best quality is ensured, even on large scale quantities.

Our staff complement comprises of a permanent team of both skilled and semi-skilled workers. As a company, we abide by the South African Labour Relations Act. We engage in ongoing training and skill development to ensure that all of our staff are constantly growing in terms of knowledge and ability. We promote a healthy working environment which is made possible largely by friendly and helpful staff. Our staff have adopted the company motto where we believe that we can always do more to satisfy our clients!